Help Girlss? I need major advice ASAP?

Hey Girlies!! Okay soo i need your help? I recently started using makeup but only like mascara and lipgloss. I want to know if you girls have any advice because whenever i apply concelear my pimples appear so obviously!!! It looks so prominent and ugly that i take it off immediately!! Any tips on acne and makeup would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  • Try concealer and liquid foundation it will have more coverage then powder or spray foundation. If you ask a beautician about her recommendation she could probably give a good suggestion. You would probably want one oily skin. Also apply powder blush to your cheekbones.

    This is just pretty basic stuff if you want to get serious about it you could look into contouring. Also ask the beautician about recommendations for eye shadow you would probably want to start with a more natural look. She will be able to suggest ways to apply it and colors that would suit you.

  • Unless its the most hideous thing to ever happen to your face, its better not to cover it. If you have to, then go for a more expensive concealer. The ratio of color pigment to other ingredients is greater and you will get better coverage with less product. On days where you don't have to wear makeup don't cover them. I find that a lip liner in nude helps gloss stay put longer. You can always go to one of the department store makeup booths and they can walk you though. Just don't let them talk you into a bunch of stuff you don't need. Its their job to up sale so they will push a whole line of junk at you. Sephora or Mac are good ones