What is the fastest hair curling iron?

Some of them need to have the hair held around the iron for 10 - 15 seconds. I don't have the patience to do that on like 20 sections of hair lol. Does anyone know of a curling iron that doesn't take that long? Under 5 seconds would be ideal. I want one that does loose waves by the way. Thanks :)

These are the kind of waves I am hoping to achieve :)



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  • Gotta go with a professional one. The women who have posted already are right. You can't buy a conair and expect the same results. You are looking at spending at least $120, but on the flip side that iron will last you at least 5 years. Can't say that about a conair

    • Thanks :) any particular brands you know of that are good?

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    • All my questions are anonymous

    • Yes, but is it so no one finds out who you are? Or for other reasons? Just curious.

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  • 20 seconds is too long... have some patience or you will damage your hair using a high temperature iron... find some professional if u want quick results


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