So I am sending an application to a modeling agency and I am supposed to write them a message along with the picture , friends what do I write?

I want sooo badly to be accepted and participate in their casting and I need to capture their attention does anybody knows what to write in the area "message" pleeease help me ??


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  • p*rn industry?

    • nooooo noo noo

    • ah ok. Because you'd be too young for it.

    • I'm 17 so I am more interested in becoming 'top model " or " Photo-model" or even "Mannequin"

  • Don't get into modeling, please. It will screw you up, and you have a high chance of becoming a smoker and cocaine user.

    • I don't intend on making it a full time job it's just something extra I am a studious girl who wants to focus an getting good degrees and becoming hopefully a doctor but everyone keep saying that I should benefit from my looks and body and try my luck in modeling

    • That's the same story my sister had, and every other girl I've known or heard about. It is more than a thing on the side, trust me. It becomes your lifestyle, and school will be harder and harder to go back to.

    • ooww I understand
      Thanks for the advice

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