Kentucky high schoolers?

I'm wanting facial piercings, do they allow them in highschool?
ex- snakebites

Main school I'm asking about is knox central
I went downtown to see if I'm even able to get a piercing, fucking 35$ per side.
I better start saving up! ^_^


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  • You should probably check with your school's dress code. If they have a website it's probably on there somewhere.

    • I checked as much as possible, I couldn't find shit

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    • No uniforms, and I know no high schoolers, I'm still in mid, about to transfer
      I'll just ask the principle, he was my soccer coach and we are kind of buddies

    • If you didn't find anything in the rules about it, it's probably okay and there's likely no consequences for it.

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  • in 99.99% among schools you can dress however you want basically as far as i know

  • Basically Klaatu is right @Kris85

    Freedom = snakebites

    • I see you have found another way to tag me on here lol.