Girls, what colour t-shirt best shows off a guys physique?

Like some girls and guys use black as a slimming effect is there certain coloured t-shirts that best show a guys physique/arms??

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  • I really think it depends more on the cut and style of the shirt than the color. My brother and I went to the club a few weeks ago. He's a body builder, about 6'1" 200+ lbs of lean muscle. He wore a plain black t shirt but it made him look HUGE. The sleeves went halfway down his biceps so it looked like his muscles were busting out and it was sort of tight so you could see his abs if you really looked.

    And needless to say, no guys hit on me when he was anywhere close ;) He had girls crawling all over him though.

    • Interesting would you say black than?

    • I voted other. I think it just depends on the shirt. Try it on and then check out the gun show in the mirror ;)

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  • White definitely because it'll make him look a little bigger and its sheer.

    • What's the reasoning behind making him look bigger?

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    • Are the any particular types of t-shirt you like on guys in terms of fit/design?

    • Simple v necks are nice but in the gym the athletic spandex type shirts are really flattering. Shirts that are cut up can be cute on the right person. I also think tank tops/ wife beaters are flattering on guys.

  • Charcoal. Shows every muscle and curve 😍😍

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