Are colored eye contacts tacky?

In the future I was thinking of wearing colored contacts as a style/dress up not something to keep doing for the rest of my life, For example I was thinking that on some days I'll have a style for hazel eyes, blue eyes a next time and different colors maybe even yellow for special events like Halloween . I'm hesitant to do it because I'm afraid of people treating me differently or prefer me to have a certain color, I had extensions once and some people were upset and prefered me with longer hair and I noticed that some guys in my school would treat me differently after I went all natural(no fake hair, makeup etc)and gave me less attention


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  • Not at all. Unfortunately we can't just dye our eyes whenever we want to like we do with our hair so contact are the only option
    Just think Of the hair dye idea if you start questioning things, it's a way to give yourself a new look


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  • I just don't like the red ones.

  • I don't mind.
    To be honest, I probably wouldn't notice.


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  • I used to wear purple ones when I was 15.
    If you truly want to try them out, go for it.
    I don't think they look tacky. They look sort of unnatural though.
    I doubt that they will treat you differently.
    At most they will compliment you.
    At worst, they will tell you that they don't look good on you.
    Anyway, it shouldn't matter to you.