I text this guy about 2 times and he didn't reply. I think he knows that I like him,what does it mean?

he always smiles at me and looks in my eyes


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  • it means your freaking out way too hard.

    at least you have his number.

    thats a huge deal. many girls have trouble talking to their crushes.

    maybe he doesn't receive text.

    maybe he ran outta mins.

    maybe he got his number changed.

    maybe some one is borrowing his phone.

    maybe he alil shy to talk to you. perhaps nervous.

    maybe you got the wrong number.

    think about it before you freak out.

    try talking to him about how you feel.


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  • honey, if he didn't reply then he's just not that into you. there's no excuse about being busy and stuff. if he was interested he would make the effort to reply to you. so it's probably his way of letting you down easy. as for the smiling and eye contact thing, I'm guessing that's as far as its going to go. he's probably just being friendly enough because he knows you like him. I've recently learned if a guy is truly interested he would go up and talk to that girl. but I know you not going to take this advice or anyone elses for that matter until you hear it from him, if he's interested or not. so if you're brave enough, go ahead and ask him straight up.

    • I agree with dakota102 but mayra you haven't really told any of us if youv acknowledged your feelings towards him.

      "but I think he knows that I like him"

      these word don't help me out much so please be more detail in your question if you don't mind.