Girls, promgirl. com, reliable or no?

I'm buying a dress for prom and this website has the exact dress I want for a reasonable price. Is it a good webite? The reviews are kind of mixed so I don't know what to trust, has anyone used it?

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Please say why, especially if you've used it before.


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  • Yeah I bought my dress there for my 8th grade prom some years ago. They do sell you legit dresses and not replicas (you can tell by the high prices of some) and anything with the dress not fitting is all up to the designer, so it has nothing to do with promgirl itself (since I saw some reviews judging the sizing on promgirl). And it came in a nice box with stuffing inside and a little guide or something.

  • I haven't but I bought my dress in person and it's always a safer bet. If you do you have to make sure there is a return policy!!!