I feel worthless & ugly because I am not hot!

I am 16 years old and you always see the boys drooling and/or trying to get with the hot chick, not the ones who would last in a relationship (no offense to anyone). I would sort of consider myself pretty sort of, but I am not hot by any means. I know I still have my life ahead of me, but I am afraid I will be ugly forever! I need insight!


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  • Well, first, those other girls might not be getting as much action as you think. Sure, people drool over the hottest girls (and guys) and talk about them. But I bet there are a lot guys who wouldn't ask them out. There are guys who would be too shy, or who would not like the hot girls' personalities, or who just aren't that into them.

    Second, how many hot girls are there at your school? Probably not that many. Most people are not the hottest girl, so you are normal!

    Third, you are only 16. You said that you are quite pretty. As you get older, you'll develop your own style that will enhance your looks. At 16, your body hasn't matured yet. A lot of girls look completely different when they hit their twenties. There are many models who say that they weren't considered pretty in high school! You have probably heard people say that the hot kid in high school don't always stay hot and that the less hot kids often end up way hotter. I can tell you that this is often true. There are so many famous people who had a tough time in high school.

    So my advice is, don't worry. You probably look fine. As you get older, your looks will mature. There are guys out there who prefer pretty girls to hot girls. Guys' tastes change and you will find that the guys aren't always going to be interested in the stereotypical hot girls. In the meantime, enjoy yourself and don't waste your time being down on yourself!


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  • you've got to be comfortable in your own skin first...then you need to access why you feel this way

  • i think your hott!


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