What dress fits for formal business party?

My dad asked me to accompany him to his company party. There is no dress code in the invitation, just written formal wear. Which one do you think fit best for this kind of occasion? I had it in my profile picture, the mini high waist dress on the left, the long black dress in the middle, or the midi neck covering blue dress on the right? Thanks!

P.S. pardon my face, and hair, I was off make up -_-

  • Left, the high waist dress
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  • Middle, the long black dress
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  • Right, the midi neck covering blue dress
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  • whichever is fine
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  • Left, then middle. Right is too ornate.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Just casual its party you're supposed to have fun at parties maybe not like friends fun, but still fun so long black dress.

  • I'd say middle one it looks good and it formal but not to over the top.

  • I dont see any pics

    • see my profile pic

    • Middle then. Usually the women wear a Cocktail dress with some sparkilies lol, Macy's or such would have it. At your age, any of them would work.

  • Where is the picture?


What Girls Said 2

  • Middle one...
    Others aren't all that formal.

  • I would have to say the middle one.

    That long black dress is simply gorgeous and paired with a nice small gold or silver belt, necklace, earrings and shoes to match and a small clutch bag, you will look absolutely stunning.

    • Yeah that sounds great, thanks!

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    • OMG lol. Well I don't mind any of that tho, as long as I get to dance with him :D
      besides, we'll probably step each others' feet anyway, so we'll be even hahaha

    • You could both wear steel toe capped shoes, like those my husband sometimes wear at work! :)

      Am sure though that both of you will be the stars of the dance floor. :)