I've been asked to prom by my English boyfriend, what do I wear?

So my long distance boyfriend asked me to prom later this year and I'm not sure about what's "acceptable" to wear. How do people usually dress for prom in the uk? What are the standards? What is acceptable and what is not? Can you just tell me some of the standards so I know how far off I am haha

I've already bought a prom dress for my own prom in Sweden, this is what I'm going to wear: https://www.lightinthebox.com/sv/a-line-scoop-golv-langd-chiffong-aftonklanning-699-415_p699415.html

I don't mind if you're not from the uk, though it is a preference. I appreciate any sorts of responses and am thankful for those. Any opinion or my dress or on what hairstyle I should wear is appreciated too. Thanks!


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  • Im not from the UK but I have cousins there. Your dress that you're wearing to your prom would be just fine for his.

    • Thanks for letting me know, I was a bit afraid of that it would be a bit too much or "princessy" haha

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  • That dress is quite simply stunning, and you will look absolutely gorgeous wearing it here in the UK.

    I wonder might I message you in a while.. Am just about to get my husbands evening meal. :)

    • Awh thanks! I really hope I will.

      Yeah that would be nice of you, if you have time. Have a nice meal :)

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