What haircuts look good on a diamond shaped face?

So I have a diamond shaped face and lately I've just been getting really bored with my look. I want to cut my hair in a way that will compliment my face shape but I haven't really found anything I like. Do you guys have any suggestions about what would look good on a diamond shaped face?? :) Also, if you can send pictures that would be extremely helpful (I'll show the picture to my hairdresser) :) Thanks a bunch for your help


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  • I have never heard of a diamond shaped face. I feel this is very confusing as it would be more pointy like your chin at your forehead?

    • You never heard of a diamond shaped face? :) It just means that you have a narrow chin & wide cheekbones that appear kind of angular :) Let me know if you have any suggestions!

    • That sounds like the classic heart shape

    • Slightly different because people with heart shaped faces tend to have bigger foreheads whereas diamond shaped have a small forehead :)

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