What do you think of these?

Brand new they were $225. I can get them for $40. Price aside though, what do you think of these jeans?

jeans <-- link

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  • They are nice jeans. But looks like your paying for pre-owned jeans. It's not worth $50.00.

    $30-$35 Yeahh

    • I mean they were over $200 last year new. lol

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    • Yes, I have them. $35. I really like the wash but they're not the most comfortable. I'm not saying they're uncomfortable. .. they're 100% cotton so there's not much give when doing things like sitting or squatting down. I like them though.

    • Those should be your special occasion jeans. But congrats on getting them at my margin! Good job!

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  • not bad. i wouldn't pay 40$ for them though.. i am kinda cheap however lol. they look like nice jeans though


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