Question about branded stuff for girls and guys?

I've recently gotten a jimmy choo bag from my aunt. Otherwise I'm not a branded bags girl.

Question for girls: for which occasion do you usually wear branded bags? I think they're not for daily use, when I have many regular bags I can use for work and class...

Question for guys: if I show up on a date with a branded bag, would you think I'm high maintenance?


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  • the only brands that id reconize is LV Burberry and Gucci but thats cause they make their stuff stand out with their logo.
    I wouldn't think a girl is high maintenance cause of one bag. If you're branded from head to toe then i would though.


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  • Brands are for any time of the day or night or occasion. For me, I am a brand junkie and I always have a branded handbag irrespective of where I am going but that is MY style and MY thing.

    Depends on the style of bag as to whether you would roll it out for day or night. Anymore details about the bag - size, colour, shape, style, etc. please?

    • It's definitely a day bag. Brown/Cappuccino colored leather with gold buttons and buckles. Too big for a night bag and mighty heavy too I must say.

      I just otherwise don't wear brands. So for me it's kinda odd to wear H&M from head to toe, then a jimmy choo bag lol

    • In that case, I would wear it to lunch or get used to using on days when you don't have class or are meeting up with some friends/BF to do something. Designer brands can easily translate into evening irrespective of size/colour really. More importantly is that the bag doesn't wear you if you know what I mean. You, your outfit and the bag must be at one. Don't treat it like it's outside of you. Make it blend in with you and your personality. Choose a nice H&M outfit, grab your bag, a splash of something nice, whip that hair and strut your stuff girl !

    • Yeah luckily the bag is my style. My aunt also gave it to me after seeing me wearing a bag with similar buckles and color. So it fits with the rest of my clothes or my usual style

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  • I always see girls with branded bags so I don't know, it depends but I guess you could use it for daily use. Maybe not carry all your school books in it in case of ruining it but whenever you go out, sure.

    As for if you showed up on a date with the bad - I wouldn't immediately think you were high maintenance but I would assume you knew fashion and how to dress yourself (as long as you aren't showing up in sandals + socks with that jimmy bag) which I like.

  • You show up to my house with that bag for our date
    you better bought some sexy cologne for me haha jk jk

    No it wouldn't matter to me hey it's all good i wouldn't
    think a girls high maintenance for having that type of bag

  • I wouldn't know a branded handbag if I saw one - It would just be a handbag to me.

  • i'd not even notice oyur bag basically

  • You could just return it. If you don't want it, don't use it

    • Now seriously, what woman doesn't want a braded bag? Lol

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