Girls, define a physically hot guy. Please put everything. EVERYTHING. (boys can answer from expireince)?

read the question, now answer. Please make the longest list possible. treat me like i have absolutely no idea.


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    The above. What's hot about him?

    1) His jaw. I don't many men understand that a man's JAW makes his face. The man has a triangular jaw which seems to ooze masculinity. Square jaws are the same. So biteable...

    2) His body size. His muscles. His mass. I LOVE muscles. He's proportionate so that's really sexy. Many women want a guy that will pick her up and pin her to the wall. Hot damn yes!!

    3) Tattoos. Love arm tattoos on men. Half sleeves are beautiful.

    4) His LOOK. Not his attitude: his LOOK. He's scowling. He's not intimidating, but he's not a shit taker. He's confident in himself. He's not weak. Perfect.

    5) His personality. You might be rolling your eyes, but it's true. If this man was a douche, I wouldn't be promoting him as much as I do. He's a gentleman through and through.

    6) Confidence. He knows who he is and isn't afraid to be himself. Whenever I see this in a man--any. Even if I'm not attracted--I think it's beautiful.

    I also prefer tanned men, even though the above isn't tan. I love short hair cuts, eye color doesn't manner.

    • Oh, i get the jaw part now thx! But aren't overly muscular men kind of not sexy in way?

    • Any man that is disproportionate isn't sexy to me. But this man isn't overly muscular. His body is perfect. :D

      ... Well.. I think so. Apparently many guys who lift weights say that he's too big and it's impossible to achieve it. :)

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  • 5 o clock shadow🙌
    Broad shoulders
    6 pack
    Thick and toned and hairy legs
    Nice nose
    Nice eyes
    Flattering haircut
    Smells good but not overly cologned
    Nice teeth
    Decent lips
    Well rounded with interests and activities

    • And idrc about jaw line. Whatever. The hottest guy in my school has a very round head lol.

    • Thanks for your answer! but what exactly is a flattering haircut, i have wavy hair and there isn't much i can do without damaging my hair

    • It is whatever looks good on you

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  • Six Pack, healthy, lean, strong, good biceps, good pecs, wide shoulders, good sized d***, tall, firm butt, vascular (at least a bit)