I've kept hair sticking to my scalp for to long. Want help to get them up?

I dont want them straight up to hell i just dont want them to be sticking on my head... I move them to side like a wave ( lol thats what i want them to look like) .. The problem is that if I use water they come to sitting back in a small time... And i personally hate gel.. After the gel dries it make them look like icicles ( metaphor xd ) .. Any alternative?
Here it goes... Thats the best i can do with water though http://postimg.org/image/za2ic05dv/


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  • Try wax or pommade. They aren't sticky and gross like gel. You can also get them with a matte finish so it won't be shiny.


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  • Try hair gel

    • You commented just for xper Xx or you are inefficient in reading complex sentences... I mentioned hair gel and stated that i hate it

    • You didn't mention hair gel in your title. Only in your update that wasn't there when I read your title. Screw you if I was trying to help. You need to learn some manners!

    • Then I'm sorry Madame...

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