ANSWER! How to flirt!

How do you flirt with that really cute guy you see at the mall or at a store? Anything helps! How do you get him to notice you? Thanks :)


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  • Just walk up to him if he works at the mall and ask a question releating to his job and then give him a complement or something. I don't know can you be more specific about your situation and I can give you concrete advice.

    • Well, you know whne you're just hangin out at a mall or something and you see that really cute guy that's checking you out? How do you get him to come over and talk to you?

    • Yea, this happens oh to often. Well, in a situation like this just act open. Body languauge is major since there is no verbal communication going on. Make sure you don;t have your arms crossed, head down, or a frown on your face . Just don't act super shy or snoppy. Smile at him a lot and when he catchs you staring at him turn your head to let him know yes I was looking at you but I'm not being too foward. It can be harder if he's around his friends or employees because of peer presssure. Goodluck!!1

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  • honestly guys are pretty much impressed if you talk to them first but could you answer a question of mine please? lol


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  • if he is just crusing the mall or store somethings you can do are simple things. when I want someone to notice me I tend to just simply make eye contact. if you look at him and he looks at you back then just smile and continue talking and laughing with your friends or who ever is with you. just him knowing you are there is going to make him want to look agian. when he does just make your self look sexy, flip your hair and laugh and have a good time. there is nothing sexier then a girl having a good time having confidents in her appearance.

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