What hair product can make my curls better?

I have curly hair. That being said, it isn't super "dry it and go" kind of curly. I have to scrunch it to make it curl and when I do that the curls aren't those pretty little ring looking curls. Mine are just kind of there. Is there any product I can use that will make my curls like ring looking? Not like ringlets but I just want them kind of wavyish curlish looking. I don't know if that makes sense but that is what I want. Do you know of any hair product that will do that for me?

That's a good way to describe what I want. I want the shape my curls.


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  • Don't get side tracked by those stating to watch for SLS, it has never been proven that they are harmful to hair or scalp. Check out snopes.com and type in Sodium Lauryel Sulphates. The "no poo" thing is beaten to death by boutique product companies that try to sell their products on the web but it has never been factual that they do more for hair than any other products.

    Watch these vidoes if you want great lasting curls in any climate:


    Visit this website to learn more:



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  • I use Redkin fresh curls curl boost. It makes the natural waves seem more cohesive, and reduces the amount of frizz. Try using a diffuser as well, if you don't already. That will make a world of difference.

  • Heyy.

    i use this stuff called L. A. LOOKS. I don't know if it will give you the RING curls but it will help your curls stay in place and maybe shape them up a little. They have different gels in the L. A. LOOKS products. Being said that they have the curl look. And on the plus side it is really cheap and works great for me

    Good luck

    • Do they sell it at like a drugstore?