Auburn hair to light brown?

This is the hair color I have now

And that's the color I want^

My hair is more of a brown with a red tint, but I want to take the red out, and have it all brown with some blonde highlights. I basically want it to look almost exactly like the second picture lol. However, I don't want it to be too damaging. Obviously dying hair is very damamging, but i don't want my hair to be damaged to the point where i have to cut it really short for it to be healthy again.
I plan on getting this done proffessionally, however somebody told me that this would be hard. They said that they would have to bleach my hair to a white color, then dye it brown, then put the highlights in. Is that true? I don't want my whole head bleached. Does anybody out there know what the hairdresser would have to do to go from the first picture to the second? And about how much will it cost?

I'm sorry, I messed up. This is the link to the hair color I want now:


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  • is that first picture your natural hair color?
    i really don't think they would bleach your entire head just to dye it brown.. that just sounds unlikely. i think your best bet is to get it done professionally. first make an appointment with the hairdresser. show her the picture and talk to her about exactly what you want.
    dying your hair once or twice will not ruin your hair. as long as you condition it and take good care of it, it will be fine. just don't dye your hair twice in like a week, and itll be okay. im not exactly sure but i think the hairdresser will just dye over your hair with a brown color, and add in highlights. like i said, you'll have to talk to them about it. but i highly doubt they will bleach your hair to a white color just to get it to that brown color you want. that's just silly lol.
    as for cost, im not sure either. it could be about 60-80$. every hairdresser is different. good luck!!

    • thank you! and no, that's not my natural hair color lol

    • you're welcome. what is your natural hair color? i was going to suggest using Color Oops, or a hair color remover to try to get some of the color out before you dye over it. itll take at least some of the pigments out, and make it easier for the new color to cover your hair.

  • I really like the color you're going for, I don't really like the redish auburn one sorry. But yeah most likely she will bleach it, cuz you have a lot of the red pigment. Maybe not ur whole head but some of it.

    • Thank you, and I know I hate the red. I meant to dye it brown a couple months back and it came out red! Lol but hopefully I can fix it without damaging it too much :) do you by any chance know what the price might be around?

    • She shouldn't if she knows what she is doing, and if she does a little do hair masks. No I have no idea, but it's not gonna be too cheap.