Girls, piercings…?

So I wanted to get a cartilage piercing but, there are two problems. The first one is I'm scared it'll hurt a lot and I didn't want to look at any videos because I think I'll scare myself out of getting it. The second problem is I'm scared to ask if I can get. I don't think my mom and dad would mind but, my grandma probably would and she's very controlling. Plus, she thinks there's something going on with me but there's not.


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  • I mean, yeah, obviously piercings hurt. It's difficult to say how much it will hurt, since different people have different pain tolerances. I had mine done when I was around your age and it was painful (both getting the piercing done, as well as for a couple days after, I don't remember exactly, since it was so long ago), but bearable.

    If you decide to get a cartilage piercing, you should get it done by a professional with a needle, not with a piercing gun. Piercing guns have issues with sterility (they can't really be cleaned the way they should be cleaned), and there is increased risk of complications, particularly with cartilage piercings (read here:

    Generally speaking, the worst that can happen by asking is that your parents say no. Other than that, I can't really comment on your grandmother's reactions, since I don't know her.


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  • well, honestly, it's your body.. i know you want to respect your grandmas wishes, but if your parents are fine with it i think it's okay for you to get it.
    it does hurt, but not bad. the pain will subside, but it will be sore for a while after you get it pierced. and it's a little painful to sleep on it. but once it's all healed up, you'll be happy you got it. they're super cute.
    just lightly bring up how you like ear piercings, and then see how your parents feel about them. or ask to get it done for a birthday/holiday. perhaps Easter , if you celebrate that haha. I don't know if your parents/family get you a gift for Easter , but if they do, you could ask to get your cartilage pierced. good luck!

  • My parents didn't really mind and their really strict. And as far as pain goes it doesn't hurt , you'll just hear a pop when the needle goes through. Afterwards its kind of sore but you don't really feel it until you go to clean it. Hope I helped a little. P. s I'm 14.