Man hair, need a ladies touch.

OK, so I realize that this a a matter of opinion but I wouldn't mind knowing a more of a percentage that just assuming. I was told two days ago by a girl that I should grow some hair and that it would make me look "hotter." To give you an example I cut my hair weekly on the 1 or .3 inch setting on my trimmer. I had longer hair as a kid but always got made fun of for having greasy hair and it also gave me worse acne on my forehead. Now, once a week I buzz my hair to keep it trim. I personally like my hair style, I think it looks good, it feels good, and I don't have to worry about acne. Sometimes I think that if I had like medium hair that I could style unkempt then the ladies would go for that; however, I have liked my hair this way since the first day I did it and I feel that it portrays a sense of being clean cut.

So my ultimate question is, do chick fancy less, more, or no hair? I imagine it depends on the the girl. Also, is having a clean cut demeanor less attractive than at possibly mysterious unkempt one?

Girly questions I know but it has been bothering me.


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  • Most girls I know prefer longer hair, but some guys do look better with a short style. It's hard to say without seeing a photo.

    How often do you wash your hair when it's long? If you wash it every day with a shampoo for oily hair, that should help. And wash your face every day too. You are older now, so maybe your oil situation has calmed down.

    You probably look fine either way. But it sounds like you want a change. That's not girly, it's normal to experiment. My advice is, try it longer just to see if you like it. But get a professional haircut once in a while to keep it looking good. Also, a professional should be able to style it so that the oil isn't such an issue.

    Have fun with your hair while you still have it!

    • My hair hasn't been past my ears since I was 10, now 24, and I started buzzing it at 20. I don't really want a change but just trying to figure out what may have some ladies chasing after me instead of them, ha ha. I've tried almost everything in terms of style there is and don't want to go through the awkward stage between buzzed and having hair. Thanks for the insight though.

    • Ha! Well, most of the girls I know do prefer longer hair. The in-between being buzzed and having hair stage sometimes looks pretty good on the guys I know. I wouldn't worry about it. What will really get you some female attention is if you ask girls what they think you should do. I have a guy friend who does this all the time. It's a great excuse to get some hands-on feedback. Good luck.

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  • it depends on the guy, on the face shape. In a girls opinion I like a bit of hair but not too much. like it can get spiky , not with gel but a natural spike. Good luck !

  • Well, if you are one of those bad guys then I would think a buzz cut is attractive but it kinda depends on the shape of your head. But I usually dig people with spiky hair , not the overdone kinds but the just enough. as long as you aren't bald. well I might dig bald guys when I grow up but as a teenager right now, I prefer guys with hair haha.

  • Less hair for me. I don't want to be hooking up with another chick, got me? Long enough to run my hands through, but not long enough for a pony tail at any amount.


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