Girls, what do you think about crossdressing?

What is your view on guys wearing girls clothes? I am an on again off again crossdresser who has never admitted it to anyone. I have gone out in public a few times and look pretty passable if i say so myself. I particularly enjoy wearing summer type dresses and going swimming.

  • Yes its ok, but keep it to yourself
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  • No, thats nasty
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  • Let your inner girl out
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  • Sounds fun Wanna hang out
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  • Live and let live I say.. Or.. Whatever floats your boat.

    As long as you are happy and comfortable that's all that matters.

    I would however be absolutely devastated if my husband was to do the same, I like him being a man's man. :)

    • So would you want him to hide it from you? Seems a bit hypocritical

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    • @Asker.. But surely not your friends wife, unless of course they both know and understand your feelings.

    • Sorry i meant my friends and or future wife

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  • Wonderful, if that's what makes you comfortable. I've always found it curiously erotic, myself. I like a guy who can be that confident, and still express himself in feminine ways.

  • It's an odd habit and I don't get it, I'd rather men look like men instead of "women" that look like men too!

  • I love men who look like men. Especially heterosexual ones.
    The only way he could cross dress is if we are having some role play reverse type sex.

    • Don't get me wrong im straight, i just for some reason enjoy dressing up.

  • I am a transgender girl :)

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