Eye contact at school?

There is this girl we study at the same place in school for a few days now. Every time I walk by and come in or just walk passed her she gives me eye contact. No just look to see who it is we lock eyes. . The first time I sat with her. She left a few times to get some snacks and came back locked eyes with me again. then came sat down at her chair and played with her hair. I want to talk with her but she is always studying with a group of friends. so two questions, is she interested and two how do I get her alone to talk to her or should I just man up and go up to her with her friends around. if so what should I say.


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  • Of course she's interested, and you should definately go up to her and introduce yourself...maybe ask her if you two could go get something to drink like coffee or something & get to know eachother

    and ooo yea, don't forget to introduce yourself to her friends too, it will be kinda rude to just talk to her and ignore her friends


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