Question about bleaching hair at home?

Question about bleaching hair at home?
I just bleached my hair with 30 vol developer twice and it's still a brassy orange that I don't like. I was wondering if I should dye it again with 30 vol developer or again with a much stronger 40 vol.
This is the color I want to achieve:

Going to a salon is NOT an option for me so don't even bother suggesting that.


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  • Unfortunately, you need a 40 developer in order to achieve the color in the 2nd picture. I'd suggest you a silver-color dye. You can find it on amazon or ebay.
    40 developer will end up drying your hair a lot though. :/
    What kind of dye are you using? What's your natural color?

    • My natural color is the one pictured beside the orange and I used 30 developer from Splat.

      I toned the orange with a blue dye and conditioner mix and it still isn't near the color I want so I really am considering bleaching it again with the 30 developer I have on hand.

      This is the color it is now:

      I just want a really light blonde so I can dye it interesting colors.

    • I understand but I don't think it's possible to do that with the 30 developer. You need a 40 developer in order to make it so light.

    • Thanks. I hope you achieved the color of your choice!

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  • Try coloring it grey - like silver...
    Do NOT bleach it again... unless you want to have a bald spot...

  • leave it in for like three hours then it will all fall out jk dont do that
    go to a professional
    my hair used to be white blonde and it was great but it was so fried
    so not worth it.

    but they do have shampoos to get the yellow color out
    but its going to be a process and by time your done your hair is going to feel like straw.

  • i wouldn't suggest full on bleaching it again. i don't know a TON about bleaching hair, but maybe you could try using an ash blonde toner to get it to a less brassy shade.. or you could mix a hair color with a 10 or 20 developer, anything weaker than 30, and apply that.

  • No way, don't bleach it again. Not only would that be dangerous but no amount of dye will get that color out. You need a toner, which is basically hair dye, so you could get hair dye if you can't find a toner. Just get the ash blonde toner/hair dye. Bleach gets EVERYONE's hair brassy orange, you just gotta dye it to be the right color.

  • Don't bleach it, it's the most damaging thing you could do to your hair.