Why does dressing differently= attention seeking?

I think it's ridiculous whenever people make that claim. Why can't people express themselves however they choose to without being labeled attention seekers? I wouldn't deny that some people do dress certain ways for attention, but that's not everyone, not even most people in my opinion. Why can't people just dress however the fuck they want without being labeled unecessarily??


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  • Ready? I wear a kilt, knee high boots and goggles on a regular basis. No I don't care what you think about it, it has nothing to do with you. And if you have a problem with it, my 37 years of martial arts and I will meet you wherever you wish to meet. And let me tell you getting your @ss kicked by a middle aged dude in a kilt is a humbling experience.

    I have always said that if they care what you wear they are not your friend. But people seem to think that EVERYTHING is about them, including the clothing I put on my body. Why that is I would guess it's just ego stroking on their part. But as I am not them, and I've never bothered to ask it's just an assumption.

    Our youngest boy wears a plague doctor mask where ever he goes. He feels comfort in the anonymity I think. I've never asked him (he's 16 and probably would just grunt at me anyway) besides it's not really my business. Do people stare and talk about it, sure, but I am used to that kind of behavior. Again somehow it's about them?

    Another great one is the WHOLE SIDE of my wife from her hand to her toe is one GIANT tattoo, again she likes it. Why is it anyone's business but ours? But people seem to think that as they can see it, they can be offended by it. Why? It's a garden of flowers, nothing that a small child shouldn't be able to see (if it was hardcore BDSM images that might be another story). But people seem to think that everyone around them should be EXACTLY like them. Don't ask me, I'd be embarrassed to go out like some of the people who are so judgmental are dressed (pastels are you serious?), but I realize that, that's the way they want to dress, and I just put on my goggles and ignore it.

    Perhaps they should do the same?


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