I'm going to see a guy I like what should I wear?

i have blue eyes that change from light to dark
nice legs
big boobs for my age
long brown/blond hair
i dont know what to wear. he says he likes my eyes.
so what do i do?
i dont wear make-up. only mascara.


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  • where are you guys meeting up?
    if its a restaurant dress up a bit, if its mcdonalds dont worry about it lol

    • restaurant then around town

    • dress up a bit, make sure you covered a bit (depending on temperature dont want to get cold, he should lend you his coat like a gentleman (=...)

      wear some flattering clothes, look sexy but not revealing and there you go!

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  • wear whatever you feel COMFORTABLE with basicall... no matte what the guy wants!

    • thank-you that was nice.

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in, if you want to make a great frist impression make sure your big boobs for your age aren't showing. What is "big boobs for my age" (the size of them if you feel like sharing)?

  • Wear something that u think is cute and u are good :3

    • what makes blue eyes pop?

    • I have blue grey eyes but I don't know either XD

    • thanks tho :)

  • Pics or it didn't happen

    • no pics sorry a little shy.

    • Ah don't be. Go anonymous

    • sorry

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  • Blue or white looks good with blond hair but pure white is boring unless it is a florid white top so get white with black or white with flowers. A dress is generally more attractive than a t-shirt or cardigan. Wear a bag that is not black but dark coloured to go along with your dress. Wear coloured shoes that aren't black.

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