How can I walk on the catwalk when I know my crush is watching me?

So i'm doing this Fashion show at my college because my guy friend is one of the designers. The only problem? my crush is one of his best friends and will absolutely be there to suport him. He has already shocked me by showing up to our practice today. How can I focus on showing off the clothes and walking properly when I know he is watching me? Help please


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  • If it's done right and it's more of a black box type of stage it'll be too dark to actually see who and who isn't paying attention to you. Is he straight? Anyway just be mindful about what you're doing on stage. What's worse? Your crush in support of the show and probably not noticing you too much. Or you knowing he's there, getting yourself in a fluster, tripping and it's all over YouTube the next hour? That's kind of bad but it helps me.

    • he is straight. He is more or less being dragged because it is my friend's designs. I'm usually fine on the catwalk but I'm afraid of laughing or smirking or something when i see his face in the audience because we can't make the room too dark.

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