A question for the girls on handbags?

Which are your favourite handbags and do you think that the so called "higher end" "higher price" is actually worth it? Do you think a $5.00 handbag is as good as a $2,000 one? And which are your favourite handbags?

  • Prada
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  • Gucci
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  • Chanel
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  • Louis Voutton
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  • Coach
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  • Guess
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  • Hahaha None of those... Good God!
    I don't have 100 dollars to spend on a bag, much less 2000!

    O. o

    A bag of 50 to 80 dollars will be with you for forever IF you take care of it properly. So, in conclusion, buy one within that range, make sure it's good quality, take care of it, and never spend money on a bag again.


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  • I would assume a $5.00 handbag is just as good as a $2,000 handbag. It's just buying the brand name with the $2,000 handbag. You get what your money buys you. So if you spend money on a $5.00 handbag, you can probably get a few uses out of it before it's faulty. The same can happen with a $2,000 handbag. (Just depends on how you look after it really)

    I chose option D.

  • I agree with another poster, you want something middle of the line, $5 will buy you crap, and if you spend over a few hundred dollars on a bag you need to re-examine your life. Sorry to be harsh but too many women fall into the label trap, it doesn't even look good!

  • The truth is in the middle. A very cheep will be louzy quality. The high end brands cannot afford to make rubbish, but whether its worth their price is a personal matter. Do you want to be seen with it. I personally use middle class things. You can have a very fancy, more expensive one for special occasions, but I find it handy to have cheaper ones too. If you don't like it anymore, just switch.