New outfits to wear for the next school year?

I wanna get some ideas for new outfits to wear. Im used to wearing all black and stuff. But I want to wear something brighter and cuter for the new school year(Ive already got a new Pikachu jacket!!), I finally got over my depression so I'm up and ready to go!! Already gonna pick out some new chucks. (Maybe a bright pink or purple.) Any ideas?? :D


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  • I think that the pikachu jacket sounds AMAZING! Maybe try wearing a polo for the first day of school and see how it goes from there. Stay away from neutral colors as best you can, go for warm ones. Pink is always enjoyable and so is blue. Graphic tees are a nice addition too, maybe wear one under that wonderful jacket of yours?

    • Cool! by the way I don't care if people call me gay, the gay guys always look cuter!! :3

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    • Im trying to get out of the dark colours, and I guess I could go with red pants. Im also looking for a new book bag. Maybe Sword Art Online, ^.^ I already have a flap wallet with that design. :D

    • Oh I'm not a big fan of manga/anime (I hope that's what it is) but if you are, go for it! I really like this one gameboy backpack, it's epic. Any backpack with bright designs will be the best! XD

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  • Leave the preppy clothes wear wht you are comfortable with! But dont wear it improperly!