Girls, what do you think of a guy who wears earrings?

How would it look to you if a guy wore an earing like this? (Only on his left ear):

What do you think of a guy who wears earrings?

By the looks of it, I'm not sure if you even have to get your ear peirced. But if he wore one of these would you even care? Would you think it seems gay? Cool? Hot? Sexy? Ugly? Or just flat out weird? Please share your thoughts :)

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  • Don't really see it as a guy earring, but whatever the guy wants :)
    I prefer pierced ear lobe/lobes all the way at the bottom
    (also that is an ear cuff, you don't need a piercing for it)

    • Ahh an earcuff. Are they womens exclusively?

      I was thinking about getting my ears peirced, but being able to wear some type of earing that doesn't actually require you to get it oeirced would be even better!

      If the guy was attractive to you, or your bf, would you care if he had an earing?

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    • Ok thankyou! That was really helpful!

    • Glad I helped :)

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  • Seeing that it's a girl earring, it would be odd and ugly when a guy wears it. I'm not big on guys wearing earrings, but I can tolerate it if it's black and not too big. What I think looks TOTALLY GAY are huge bling bling earrings.

  • Looks pretty good to me.

  • i think itd be cool.

  • Guys that wear earrings are more likely to verbal harass girls, be more unfaithful toward their girls, and commit crimes. Also, they tend to consume drugs, alcohol, and smoke a lot. I do not hate guys that wear earrings, but I find them vulgar, criminal-like, unattractive, and disgusting.

  • i dont care