Why did he keep looking over at me?

Ok this guy I used to text we spoke for about 7weeks he always used to reply used to talk for 2-3 at least 2-3 times a week he be real funny and stuff and is always nice . When we did text he used to reply pretty quick with smiles in every text. Then school was off and we spoke only a small bit and then he stopped replying to my texts so I haven't texted him in a couple of months. He texted me only a few times. Me and this guy haven't spoken face to face only through text.

Today everyone had to sit in the hall I was sitting somewhere and where he was sitting on the floor there was loads of others there as well and he could see me. I looked at him a bit and he was looking at me. Then after I stopped because everyone was watching the teacher speaking then after she finished speaking I looked at the guy and he was looking at me he didn't smile or look away kept on looking we held it for about 3 secs then I looked away looked back he was still looking. Then after a while I looked at him again then he saw me looking and looked back at me. Then again same thing happend he was looking at me and I turned and saw him and he kept looking until I turned away. He looks away but only after I look away so he holds the gaze. This happend a quite a few times in the hall..He not in my class or year and he's a quiet kinda guy.

I texted him laer that evening he didn't reply. My friend also texted him a while ago and also didn't reply maybe he changed his number and has a new phone. My friend got his number before for me from her friend that knows him.He in my school but not the same year . I texted him later that day.

Why does he never reply to me anymore? He has the same number as friend who is friend with him still has that one I could ask her to ask him why he doesn't text me anymore?

Why was this guy looking at me so much? he didn't reply to my texts during the summer but I think he was away...what was he trying to do? ?


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  • maybe he has something on his mind and he kinda wants you to know by eye signals. He's maybe looking at you for comfort and wants you to talk to him. I also not trying to be totally cold hearted here but are you sure someone hasn't told him anything bad about you out of jelousy.

    basically all you need to do is ask him face to face, don't be all nice with him because that might end up been a really awkward situation you need to just go straight out and say it. ask him why he's acting the way he is with you suddenly.

    I hope your both fine soon x