What do girls look for in a guy?

Ok, I'm not like a huge ladies man or anything, but it seems like every girl I like doesn't like me back, or at least they haven't told me they do. Help?


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  • Every girl has a different dream guy. We've all stayed up one night thinking about this guy. We make them perfect for us, we think of what we want them to think like. Most girls I know want Edward Cullen or some fictionla character that will never be real. I don't get that. Anyway, a lot of girls I hang out with want someone who can make them laugh,make them feel better at sad moments, hold them when they cry, just comfort them in anyway possible. They want somebody who they can be loved by. No matter what they might act like one dayor what they might look like some days. No matter what imperfections people have, they want somebody to care for them, be there for them, and most of all love them. Like I said all of us look for different things in people. If you really like these girls, you should try to see what they like to make it easier on you to decide if they like you back...hell just plain out ask them. It might be akward but you'll both live through it. If it helps I like guys who ACTUALLY care, make me laugh, are sweet and romantic. Hope this helps you. If not soryy. Well, hugs and kisses from Haley!

  • well each girls different.

    i like my guy to be sweet and funny

    i'm not into the whole bad boy thing. it annoyz me really.

    i like my guy to be tal...fit...muscly arms:)


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