Girls, what clothes should I buy? I just moved from Singapore to Chicago and I'm freezing?

I left the plane and it was 32C, and now it's 9C and I'm completely frozen. My host family will take me to a winter outdoors store tomorrow what should I buy?


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  • you need layers. If you dont need fancy stuff, t-shirt or top, something nice long sleeved above it and a warm coat. By a nice sjaal to go with it. If you are really cold, by pants.

    • Thanks! I don't know anything about winter clothes so thank you!!! I am really cold so what kind of pants should I buy. I wear jeans right now and cold!

    • If you are still cold in jeans, you could wear leggings beneath them. But you will have to get used to the cold. It will take 1 or 2 weeks.

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