Thoughts on my dresses? Pics are below (no it's not the white/gold or blue/black one )?

I got theses dresses and I want your opinion. by the way they go down to my knees and I'm thinking about wearing heels with on and flats with another one.
Here are the dresses-
Dress 1
Dress 2
I would put more links but I'm lazy. Just zoom in.
And which one do you like better?

I have a business club meeting and which one should I wear on the first day?
Business meeting for 2 days.


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  • Really nice taste, I appreciate a girl with an elegant style and the first dress is really wow and stands out (and is my favorite out of the two) so if you want to start with a bold impression wear that one, the second one is more subtle so if you want to maybe not stand out so much then go with that one.


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