When a guy says he likes you around (sleeping over) is he really telling the truth?

I sleep over my bfs house a lot (and he never ever comes over my place even though were only 20 min apart) but I sometimes feel like I'm cramping his style by being in his place all the time, especially because he has a male roommate that's not dating anyone (and I live alone) when I ask him if he wants me to leave, he says "no I like having you here" but when I talk to other guys they say "guys need their space" its so conflicting... and how do I get him to stay at my house occasionally so I'm not constantly living out of a bag..


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  • It's tough for many guys to articulate their feelings gently and firmly. So even though he may want you to leave, he has enough regard for you not to kick you out. This, however, disregards his own feelings. It's a tough balance, and honestly, you girls usually handle it way better.

    So, take the lead. Something like: "I'm glad that you like me around, and I like being around, but we'll get cabin fever if we spend too much time shut in together, so I'm giving you some room. By the way, next night is at my place."

    I'm sure you can do better, but you get the general idea.

  • Your boyfriend clearly enjoys spending time with you. Sometimes guys have a problem with their friends girlfriends being around all the time. I don't think that you're cramping his style at all. Especially if you live 20 minutes apart. If you were on the same campus and there all the time, then there would be a different conversation happening. A date night at your place could be an appealing thing. Movie night, cuddle stuff, a little personal time.. etc.


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