I have no sense of style/fashion/etc. I'm gonna give a little description of myself. Can you help me fix up a little? Okay: I have hair that is about an inch long. Don't know if I can do anything with it but who knows? I prefer to wear t-shirts under jackets (preferably jean jackets, but I'm not picky). I don't come in contact with the girl I like to often except at school, so hats are out of the question. And I like jeans. I have muscular legs, but they're pale and I have a hairy birth mark. So any help? Please?


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  • it's hard to tell without knowing your pesonalitily, it really depends what your in to, this is what I just generally think is nice-

    a nice dark blue pair of jeans, plain, like no extra pockets or detail or anything,

    A nice clean shirt with a teeshirt underneath, the shirt unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up for a casual look.

    A nice clean pair of trainers, prefereably white.

    and you should definitely get rid of those jean jackets! Have a look in the shops and see what sort of jackets are on offer, leather jackets are in atm if you an pull it off.

    If you could just build up your wardrobe with a couple nice teeshirts and shirts and a jacket or 2 and you'd be doing well.

    When you get more confident then you can bring some of your own style in.

    Style is mostly just about having the confidence to pull it off.

    Also always be clean and smell nice, no matter how well you dress if your dirty it's not going to help.


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  • Well, I don't really know your body shape or what looks good on you, so I'll just share what style I like on a guy. I like short hair. It doesn't need to be too short. If he can style it well than its great. Styles for hair... um well miniature mohawk? You know, like Joel from Good Charlotte. Or pushed up in the front, or, depending on how it looks on you, maybe even down?

    I personally think dark blue jeans, and a nice collared dress shirt as casual wear looks very handsome. I'm also a classic kinda girl... so I don't know her style or yours.


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  • jean jackets fo sho haha! but anyways clothes don't make a ugly guy attractive neither does terrible clothes on a popular boy make them unattractive. Honestly if girls see you for you are then it shouldn't really matter brah. but eh if you want clothes wear levi's,nikes,vans and all that ugly urban bs. lol