Girls, ladies! Help me, I'm trying to find a specific pair of boots?

All winter I've seen multiple girls wearing the cutest pair of boots I've ever seen and I've hunted in so many malls and cannot find them! I think they were just sold out everytime I went. Anyway, they're black, they have absolutely no heel and they're the kind that tie up around the ankle or higher, they're not like fancy looking, just super cool and cute looking. I thought maybe they'd be from Urban Planet but I only found brown boots kind of similar but with abit of a heel, and the brown ones tie up also past the ankle. I bought them, but I really want that black pair I always see! If anyone has a pair or knows what store to get them from (online preferably!) please tell me! And could you post a picture if you have or know what boots I'm talking about? Thank you!


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  • Are they a high brand?

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