How can I keep my eye contact with someone without feeling awkward?

I always feel so awkward when I look someone in the eyes and have to look away! any tips that can help me?


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  • i do that toooo! I just force myself to look at him for like 30 seconds and then I look away take a break and quickly look back up again and smile/

    i heard a trick is to find something on their face and stare at it, like try to figure out their eye color and focus on one thing about them...

    • Yeah same with me!!! after like a few seconds I look away and then I look back at him and start smiling and blushing like crazy!!! it is me or isn't that just super awkward!! sometimes I feel like I have a problem, but thanks for the tip!

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  • happens to me too, just look at his eyes, and analise their colour, and think if you like them , and that.. then you will realise that you made eye contact, but didn't feel awkward cause you weren't thinking about that

    its not the smartest advice hah I know, but I think it works, at least with me