I have pimples all over my face that never goes away and a little moustache on my upper lips. My face is super Dull?

Umm I am 16 and my face is a mess.

Umm I am 16 and my face is a mess. I hv pimples all over my face that never goes away and a little moustache on muY upper lips. My face is super Dul.?

what do I do, any sort of suggestions will be appreciated, thanks :)


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  • I used to have pretty bad acne also, but then I started using the double cleansing method (make sure they're very natural ingredients - things like honey, jojoba oil, etc.), and using a rosewater, witch hazel, and tea tree oil face toner (basically for really getting rid of the acne). And, whenever you start noticing even a tiny pimple, dab a bit of tea tree oil on it and it will kill it like super fast. And, make sure to exfoliate like maybe once or twice a week max. Also, stay away from really bad foods like super greasy and make sure to always wash off sweat whenever you can. And, hydrate... water is seriously your friend.

    • Also, avoid makeup as much as possible. Like, maybe a light powder to help with oil, but no cover up which I know is pretty hard but it clogs your pores. And, as far as any facial hair, why not get it waxed? You can even do it yourself. And use a brightening cream such as Secret Key Snow White Whitening Milky Pack Mask or TONYMOLY Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack. I know it sounds like a bleaching cream, but all it does it brighten skin and even the tone so it can help make facial hair less noticeable. But, definitely try to be as natural and healthy as possible. All that Proactiv and Clearisil stuff is actually really horrible for you. Like, it can clear your skin up, but it's actually stronger and rougher than your face should actually be using.

    • Thank you. I am going to Google them, I don't know what they are called here except honey hehe :)

    • No problem. :) And, just remember, though, nothing that truly works is a quick fix. So, just remember to be patient, also.

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  • You can get prescribed acne medications that work better than any advertised brand. And as for the moustache- just shave it off. I would also suggest getting your eyebrows trimmed and shaped

    • Lol I was going to say something about that too but then I thought that maybe this question wasn't about that!

    • Haha, its just that my mom doesn't allow me To visit parlour for threading. Not much girls of my age do it herE, that's why :)
      Will do that someday too, hehe :)

  • Ur good...


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  • No need to worry :DD. You can go to a waxing salon and you won't even have peach fuzz above your lip it will be all gone. For starters, to get rid of pimples, stop touching your face, change your pillow case, eat healthy, remove all makeup before bed (try not to even wear it in the first place, you don't need it! You're pretty!) And some things that work for me are mud masks, crushed aspirin with a little water, turmeric powder with chickpea flower honey and a little water! But try not to over do it or your face will dry out. To prevent this and even out your skin tone, use an oil free moisturizer (cetaphil is a really good brand). Good luck :)

    • Won't it look unnatural or that area would look dark to make it obvious that I had it waxed?
      Thank you, though I am going to try it :)

    • No! Waxing just takes off all the hair, your skin tone is still the same. And if people might notice you got it waxed when they see there's no more hair there but its no big deal I get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed a lot and so do lots of my friends!

  • You could buy this cream, called acne aid

    And just put it on them.

  • You might just need to clear your skin by treating your acne with something from the pharmacy. Just ask a pharmacist what they recommend. Once it Clears up you can always try a little bit of make up just a nice lip stick and mascara can go a long way. .

    • You Really think so?

    • Yes :) . I think you will be fine. Also getting a new hair cut can make you feel refreshed too.

  • Do you use a facial scrub? They're really good at getting rid if pimples. You could try threading or plucking your moustache, thread

    • threading would probably be easier because it'll remove more of the hair faster

    • * using

    • I have, till now used only herbal facewash and some home remedies for pimples,
      Thank you.

  • You're an excellent candidate for a face transplant.

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