Drunken hook up? what next?

So I was at my friends party at the weekend and we got pretty drunk. I got speaking to this girl a few times during the night and we ended up making out and going to 3rd base.

At this point we were both pretty drunk but I'm not sure what I should do as a next step. A friend of hers gave me the girls number. I am pretty interested in seeing her again but I have no idea whether she wants to see me again. So how can I try and further this without making it awkward if she doesn't want to see me again? I'm probably like to see her around some time considering I'm friends with a lot of hers so I don't want to make it awkward for then.


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  • First, erdicate any thoughts of awkwardness. Women are highly intuitive. If you're uncomfortable around us, then this will make us very uneasy. She may already be interested in you. Alcohol is 'courage juice.'

    She may fear that YOU may be the one to judge her. She may be under the impression tha you might assume that she gets 'wasted' and randomly sleeps with men every time. The truth: She may have lusted after YOU and ONLY YOU for a long time, and alcohol may have just given her the courage to do so!

    If you're a little intimidated to approach the subject. Try this. Write her a letter saying this:

    "I really, really like you. Things moved pretty quickly that night between us. I think you're very beautiful and I would love to spend some time getting to know you better...SOBER (lol)"

    Be sure to include the happy icon after LOL.

    Don't add anything else sentimental to this letter. You want to appear interested, not appear like a stalker. Good Luck!


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  • Like the woman who commented already, I believe that women are really intuitive and will show you right away if they like you. That being said I think that you should go ahead and call her! I think she might be happy to hear from you. It's sweet! And it's not every day that a man a woman casually "hooks up with" while she's drunk at a party actually has some genuine feelings there. She will likely be suprised and happily suprised at that!

    My final answer: go for it!


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  • There are a lot of disagreements as to if there is any real interest when drunk.

    Here's a quote (a very valuable tip when out partying) from one of the bouncers I work with:

    "Guys will get drunk, go to the bar with their buddies, and hope to "get lucky."

    They don't really care who they make out with, or go home with.. they just want it to

    happen! Like, before they go out, they have the mind-frame that "it doesn't matter if

    it's Jessica Alba or Rosie O’Donnell, I want to get laid..and laid NOW!"


    Thing is, there are girls who go to the bar with this same mind-frame, and they're

    the ones acting all drunk and horny. It doesn't make them stupid, or a slut, they're

    just trying to curb their craving for pleasure like every other human on the planet."

    Just as those guys and girls use alcohol to get into bed with others, it can also be viewed

    as a tool for someone more shy to make the move on someone they are already attracted

    to, or have been attracted to for a while.

    Her friend could have given the number so she didn't look like a slut..ya know-just in case

    you rejected her, or thought of her as a pleasure tool.. no girl wants ugly rumors going


    If you are interested, and decide to call her up, say something along the lines of:

    "Hey, it's ____,

    It was nice talking to you the other night, but something about you just happened to

    spike my interest. I think it would be great if we got to know a bit more about each

    other, so how about meet me at the ____(fair, coffee shop, playground, ice cream

    place, baseball game, etc) on ____?("date you would like to meet up")

    The more times you repeat the message to yourself, the more confident you will

    sound saying it, and the more likely she will respond to it, no matter what her first

    impression of you was.

    The sooner you call, the less likely she will already have given up on you!

    Diamond Smith