Girls, I need a new look ASAP! Is it possible to tell my hair dresser this?

I just flew in to California today, I recently just left my hometown in Seattle last night. I need a new look ASAP I found a few places with decent rates and I will try to book an appointment ASAP like Sunday or tomorrow if I can. I have to find a place to work at on Monday so I will be busy. When I go there is it possible to just tell the lady/man who is doing my hair to give me a dark brown to light brown ombre but use their choice on what type of brown would look nice on me and to cut/shape my hair to what suites my face but still keep it a bit long? I don't really know what type would look best on me and I just need something different.


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  • Depends! Hair lenghts complement your face structure and color brings out your eye color and skin color! For a thin face short, dark brown pixie cut hair looks really good but it may not be your taste, it may be too boyish or mature. I personally don't like ombres and highlights that stand out too much. Some highlights and an ombre that aren't very noticeable work really nice on all hair colors and long hair looks really good too!

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