Male body hair?

Girls do you like body hair on guys?

Guys what do you do with your body hair?

  • trim that shit
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  • wax it all, including below
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  • wax all but sensitive area
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  • leave as is
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  • shave it all
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  • shave all but below
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I put trimmed.
    I have like a diamond shape in the middle of my chest with a fine line going down to my belly button which I like.
    I have rouge hairs that grow on my chest a little that I don't like so I shave.
    I have hair around my nipples which I like so I only trim and keep tidy and I also shave my dick area and under my arms because I like the clean feeling and looks better.


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  • body hair like on my chest, armpits, arms and legs get left alone... pubic hair gets a trim when needed.

  • I dont know them but you should be like what you want.

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