Insanely Cute Things to Do for My Boyfriend

I love doing cute little things for my boyfriend. Making him happy makes me happy. Just putting a smile on his face pretty much makes my day. I've already done the little notes, poems &nd drawings so now I'm looking for something else I can do for him, something cute. Any suggestions?


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  • I think anything baked is cute. Cookies, cupcakes... what guy doesn't like food? I also got my ex some adult kids books, like "The Doubtful Guest" by Edward Gorey... about a penguin who shows up one day at this family's home and won't leave... the art work is great and the story is cute and I wrote little notes on all the pages. You could also send him on a city/neighborhood wide scavanger hunt and be waiting at the end with a picnic somewhere really stellar (done that too)...