What could I do to boost my reply rate from girls?

for emails and messages that is , my reply rate is pretty pathetic at the moment , as I find I'm sending out emails to them and a lot of the time getting no reply and I don't even understand why , now I'm not really sure what the problem is or what I could say or do to make the girls want to write back , but I'm getting pretty annoyed , as if you knew the person and they had things to say you'd think you'd write back .


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  • If your just randomly messaging girls you don't know, then if you say just a "hey" They will reply. If they don't reply, that means they are NOT INTRESTED. Also DO NOT DOUBLE MESSAGE! Its the most annoying thing and such a turn off. Maybe instead of looking for love, have it come to you.

    • No these are girls I know not random girls from this site or other sites , usually I'd send these messages to there Facebook or hotmail if I had there address . so they know I have there email address in most cases allready , so its not like they don't know who I'am .

    • Okay, well still. If they don't reply then they arnt intrested.

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  • I'm not sure what context you mean. Are you emailing girls on this site? In your personal life? Are you randomly emailing them, or is this after a conversation?

    Details plz.

    • Well this is girls I know or run into in real life , so say maybe I might message a girl after I had seen her on the weekend at a party or bar , so I'd sort of be messaging her to try and keep in touch with her or to see what she was doing . so there in general not random emails as usually I've recently seen the girl and talked to her in person .

    • Hmm ok well at least you're not going in completely unannounced. Still, it's important that you avoid aggressiveness at all costs. Try to be charming without being corny, proactive without being aggressive, and funny without being foolish. It's a tough line to walk, but finding the edge between subtle and blunt is your best bet.