What do you think about girls/people who has a unique style?

I'm a girl who has a unique style. I myself like it pretty much and feel comfortable in it. But sometimes I get told that I should try to look more normal, to me normal is no fun and I don't think that I dress that ,well, different. It often gets me down and I get insecure at moments like while crushing on someone and stuff thinking "What if they don't like my style? Does it scare them?"

So my question is basically would you be intimidated by my style relationship wise and how do you react to people who have different types of styles from what society has as a standard?

Photos of my style and ootd's here: https://lollieschanstrashdump.blogspot.se/

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  • Interesting. Cool for you to feel so strongly about it.

    I don't find the styles particularly unique. What is more interesting though is that you would wear them all, as what you have there is a bunch of different styles. Like... each outfit pretty much matches a style, matches stuff I've seen a lot before. But the styles are all different. So that's something I do see nearly as often. I don't see a person jump from style to style to style. It's almost like you could pick your style based on your mood for the day.

    When two people with different styles start dating, if they are both really serious about each other, their styles will eventually start merging. The person with the stronger sense of style, with the best overall fashion sense, will generally end up leading the direction, with input and moderation from the other party. I wouldn't worry at all about a guy not wanting to date you because he didn't like your style. If a guy is that fickle that he doesn't like such an expressive side of your personality, he isn't going to like you. Period. So it's better to flush him out of the bush and know that up front so you can move on and find someone that will appreciate you.

    • Wow, you expressed what I feel so like wow, not even I could have written it better. Yes, I wear clothes that matches my mood. And is it really like that that one changes/evolve their style? I've thought about it a lot and would guys in general agree on me styling them and stuff like that if we were in a relationship? :D

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    • Like the famous quote says you only fail when you give up without trying.

    • Yeah, exactly. You miss all of the shots you don't take.

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  • Yeah, a lot of it is kinda old fashioned looking, and the only girl I know who dresses similarly also makes her own clothes and she's pretty weird.

    • Oh okay, but is it like her personality or is it just that she appears to be weird because of her style? Would be interesting to know since I have a quite up beat personality. :)

    • Both. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure she tries to dress like a doll, which is what makes it weird. Like, an old American Girl doll... she usually looks like she's from the 1800s.

      So, your style is way more normal, and I think it's fine.

    • Oh okay, I understand then. Yeah, the ones that try too much makes it a bit fake so it becomes weird. I don't really try I just feel. Hard to explain since I'm an art student and have all these weird ideas on patterns and stuff. But thank you SOO MUCH for answering this question! :D

  • I think everyone is at least somewhat unique.

    • Yeah, that's true! But I mean like in the way that makes people stare and talk behind ones back and stuff like that. But it's really beautiful how everyone is unique it's so interesting to watch how everyone makes their choices and are their own individuals.

  • Your style is kind of important and we guys notice it, but we look more at who you are and your personality. It's a G thing - Southside.

    • Thank you for answering, your answer gave me a bit more self esteem, thanks! ;)

  • they r brothers and sisters 2 me basically... i'm unique myself



What Girls Said 5

  • You look great :)
    I have/used to have the same problem. Whenever I buy something that is not "normal", my mom tells me that it looks like trash and that it wasn't worth the money. 1/2 years ago it made me feel bad and I often ended up returning the clothes but nowadays I just keep them because I wear the clothes and NOT my mom or anyone else.
    They make me feel good about myself and that's all that matters! Xx

    And when I see someone who has an unique style (even if it not my taste), it kind of makes them interesting.

  • I love your style! I don't really understand why anyone would be intimidated; looks pretty normal to me.

    Also... Can I just steal your clothes? I wasn't kidding when I said I loved it :)

    • Oh thank you, hihi! And no you can't steal them but I'm thinking about going down the designer path so maybe one day there'll be something similar on the market. :*

    • Ooh yay! You bet your bucket I'll purchase some! Good luck :)

    • Thanks! I'm positive it'll turn out great! ;)

  • I`m loving your outfits. My style is a lot like yours but with more lace, floral sweaters/tops that are paired with skinny jeans. :P Your style looks very normal to me. For my friends, it`s dressy (in a good way as it looks good on you) compared to their casual style. I don`t think any guy would be intimated by the way you dress, as in my experience it would be more in the fact, they think you are pretty and are out of their league.
    I do get a lot of compliments on what I wear, which help me not be so insecure about my style and eventually I stopped caring about what other people think... and side note if I knew you in real life, I would compliment you everyday because you are rocking those outfits.

    • Wow, thank you! Yeah your style sound a lot like me, lace and ruffles are my best friends! Didn't have any outfit post for those though... Yeah heard the out of my league many times in middle school... This helped a lot!

  • If you like it go for it. I kept thinking of cabbage patch dolls and strawberry shortcake while looking at your style of fashion. Not my taste, but you look cute!

  • dark devil laughs