New Underwear what do you think?

The photos are not actually of me, but models. I may post them online once I recieve them, and I may supply you wiht a link.

Well I just spent like $98 on Calvin Klein underwear, and I've never been more excited about buying underwear! I can't wait for them to get here!! I'm really excited to try the thongs on. I kind of wish I would have done overnight shipping or 2 day shipping, but I should get them in a 5-10 days! I'm excited!!

These are what I got:


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  • I really don't understand why anyone would want to spend a lot n expensive underwear. in any case, they aren't visible outside. And while having sex, they come off along with all other pieces of clothing!


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  • I like briefs on my man. Can't explain and won't try. So for my money I'd like to see my guy in something like the top link. I am sure some girls will say boxers or boxer briefs it really depends on the girl

  • i dont care about underwear i want whats inside :D


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