Guys who like tomboys -- what are you like?

rather than asking you guys what you think about tomboys, I wanna know (for those of you who do like tomboys) what YOU are like.

by tomboy I don't necessarily mean athletic, sporty or anti-fashion. to explain what I mean I'll describe myself:

I'm pretty strong and I like to test my limits. I don't like it when guys try to help me with things that I can do on my own. I'd never be the girl who goes on a backpacking trip with a guy and needs him to be looking back, helping her every step. I'm going to be right at your level and I may even be in front of you :) I'm competitive (but I also know when to let you win). I'd prefer to be your partner in crime/adventure than your damsel in distress. I don't like it when guys feel like they have to treat me like a princess ("are you hungry? are you thirsty?" "honey, please get some sleep" etc.). when guys go after me, I'd prefer it if they were super inconspicuous about it and rather than trying to be super flirty with me, be playful. like jokingly make fun of me (this is more similar to friendship and would let us have a chance to get to know each other before anyone has to outright confess their love).

i'm girly in the sense that even though I'm pretty muscular, I'm small (5'4", 137). I care about my looks so I do my hair and make-up (though I hate to spend more than 20 minutes on it total). I love dressing up just as much as I love dressing down and I feel like I have a pretty original style (I pretty much love shopping at secondhand stores because what I like can't be found in the masses at your local abercrombie) I always get complements on my cute dresses. I'm afraid of the dark so, I would never shun a knight in shining armor who wanted to walk me to my car at night.

if this sounds good, what are you like? if it sounds bad, tell me! maybe I need to be a little less harsh!

the reason I want to know is because I have this idea of what the perfect guy for me should be like and I want to see if your answers match my fancy :)


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  • Strong is good. Sounds like you are very independent which is a turn on for sure. Outdoorsy and competitive is good too! You're Bonnie to Clyde too! Sounds like you have your own sense of style too, which is awesome! You sound like an awesome girl. I am pretty rugged guy. I love to be outside, love camping, snowboarding, working out, etc. I also enjoy nights in my pj's or a dressed up night out. I don't really put a ton of time into how I dress during the day, jeans and a hoodie work fine. Basically I don't care what anyone has to say about me or my appearance, I am just me. Hate it or love it. I much like yourself, am very independent and don't rely on anyone for things!

    • You match my fancy! love rugged, love outside, love backpacking, and love working out. but I am really pretty shy with strangers. it takes a while for me to warm up. which maybe seemingly contradicts everything else I said, but I guess that's a part of my feminine side too, haha.

      anyway, I think you're awesome! and I don't like to rely on anyone else either!

    • Thanks! Tell my ex girlfriend how awesome I am, because apparently I wasn't awesome enough for her. But there are more fish in the sea! So her loss!

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