How could I become attractive? Advice please?

so,i am a 16 year old girl,a sophomore in HS,I'm a virgin,i've never had a boyfriend(well ya know,there was the two in kindergarten lol) and I've never even been kissed.I know I'm not pretty or attractive,i was even told so when I was little by adult family members(I was like 4/5) so I'm not just making this up.I wear make-up,but not too much,I went to Ulta,and the lady helped pick out make-up specifically for my skin(I use Urban Decay Mineral Make-Up) and I use Mascara and a little eyeliner(I cut back on the eyeliner) and I have good hygiene(i'm sort of a germaphobe) and I dress well.I eat healthy and only drink water and green tea and take a multi vitamin and fish oil pills.But what else can I do?Any advise or tips will work:)


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  • Wear clothes that show a little more sex appeal but aren't trashy.

    Mini skirts with leggings and heels are great.

    A tube top here and there or a low cut blouse that shows some clevage (but not to much cleavage) is great.

    Skinny jeans with boots are great.

    You know whatever body type you are just make sure you wear clothes that will bring out your figure.

    Also make sure your hair and make up (I like to wear foundation because it gives off the natural look) is well done at all times.

    And carry yourself with confidence and boys will be sure to notice you.

    • Ugly betty and tamara.(ugly duckings turns into swans)

      movies you should watch.

    • Um,i'm not a dork,i just said become more attractive

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  • get your eyebrows waxed for a cleaner look... maybe wax a upper lip shawdow *no joke you will have a brighter smile* try a new hair style an color... try a different make up look instead of your regular colors throw something fun in the mix... try a baige base over your eyelids then with a charcoal black use a fine make up brush to smudge in your eye creates a sexy look...line with black eyeliner and some sheer lip gloss... keep hair out of face.. it could be down but not covering nothing more than your forehead..but that

    shouldnt even be becuase bangs are not teh style...try side bangs they are flirty yet still sexy and sophisticated!

  • wait. are you very social or shy?

    • Pretty Social...I can be shy at times,but I know how to socialize and I love meeting new people.Why?

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    • Your welcome.

      (^_^)at least one of us is.

    • Yea sure whatever

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  • Because I've never seen's hard for me to give advice, but the others here did have some great tips...except the plastic surgery are unique in your own way...its okay to have something wrong with us because a lot of times that's wear our TRUE physical beauty can lye(in our own uniqueness). The only advice I have is Inner beauty. You sound like you have low self esteem...adding a little esteem can make you come across confident , and that is beautiful!Why not every morning when you look in the mirror pick out one thing you like about your self and repeat it to yourself...this can have you looking BRIGHTER in no time. So what you could be an a cup and not a c but a c cup might not look good on your body frame. So you have a little more flesh on you then miss america...too bad she was blessed with good genes. So your hair or skin could be dry...or something, use simple tips...and fix it but don't expect drop dead with what you got! But the important thing is you embrassing your beauty...We can't all be models! Best of Luck!

    • I know! Like how sad is it for people to just take the easy way out and get plastic surgury. I bet she's nt even as bad as she says. Lol

  • Plastic Surgery.It's simple,easy and a quick fix.Dress properly for you figure,and if you're fat or perhaps "curvy" lose weight,guys like skinny girls.Guys also like big boobs,they hate small boobs,so opt for breast implants perhaps if your boobs are too small.Wear make-up,concealer,powder,liquid foundation and mascara are all musts.

    • I don't think all guys don't like too small boobs :P

      I know a lot of Acup girls, that had have a lot of boyfriends.

      They told me If a small thin girl has little boobies tehey would be okay it, since it fits her body

      Don't do breast implants just because you want to find a guy :o

    • I'm just stating the truth.A majority of guys prefer big boobs to small boobs,regardless of what they say