Does this mean I am ugly?


It is hard to find out whether you are considered ugly or not on average, since different people will have different opinion and you are not gonna go around ask your friends this question right?

Then again it is easy to know whether you are good looking or not, if you are extremely popular with the opposite gender despite having ordinary abilities, you know its probably your looks. Also if a person of opposite gender walking pass you would look at you in the eyes for 2 secs in a friendly way is prob a good indication.

but what if, you have never been asked out or approached or shown any sign of interest by the opposite gender that are considered good looking? Does this mean you are not good looking? What if only rather unattractive people of the opposite gender shows interest in you by being extra ordinarily nice to you, does that mean you are ugly, so they think they are compatible to you? Just wondering do people generally only ask out a person who they think they have a chance? Lets say you are an average Joe, if Megan Fox/ Zac Efron was in your class, would you have the guts to ask them out?


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  • Megan fox & she went to school the next couty over from me but I woulndnt have guts to ask if I were a guy I'd try to be her bestfriend Zac efron is reallly attractive to me he just looks like any random high school boy and I wouldn't even care if he were in my class. When a hot guy comes to a newschool every girls all over him it doesn't matter if he doesn't talk much or anything for that matter EVERY GIRL is trying to talk to him except the ones that don't have enough confidence or think they are unattractive or have been told that... For girls every girls trying to be her best friend and guys are trying to figure out how they can talk to her but if she doesn't talk much or is shy they kind of stop after a while and then they're like that girls a B****.

  • No! It might mean that you just aren't as aggressive about looking for dates. I think that people avoid really ugly or overweight people when looking for a date. As long as you look pretty normal, then it is mainly personality and friendliness/being outgoing that helps attract more people.


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