Why do boyfriends change?

He isn't the same person I met 3 years ago. He used to bring me flowers all the time, tell me I'm beautiful and be affectionate. Now he's a rude jerk.


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  • A few possibilities come to my mind. Only you know which one might fit your situation.

    1. He was always a jerk, but only behaved like a nice guy to fool you.

    2. He's still a genuinely nice person, but *you* have changed and see him incorrectly.

    3. He was a genuinely nice person, but became a jerk because he feels like you neglect his feelings and his needs and since it's obvious that you don't care for him and are emotionally abusive so he stopped trying to be kind because it never did any good and he decided that you're impossible to please.


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  • People break up when their young. Everyone needs time to mature...

  • thats a very good question and to be honest, I have no clue, but my guess is he doesn't appreciate you,


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  • cause guys honestly get bored too easily and get too used to things. try spicing it up, doing something new or surprising him with a hot new look. change is gooooood

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